Our History

Our History

Our Founders and Early History

The ocean has been integral to our lives. We first met at a surf camp at eight years old; our next ten years included a lot of surfing, some recreational fishing, diving, and running around Southern California waters on boats. The ocean shaped our mindset and dictates the activities we pursue today. It has put the life back in us after logging time in an office job. It keeps us healthy and creative in our everyday lives.

In 2013, Christian left his office job and embarked on a bicycle-powered surf trip down the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas, MX. On the journey, Christian and his brother Chad reconnected with the roots of their childhood – a life centered around the ocean – and gained new inspiration by meeting and building relationships with fishermen along the trip. They spent three months sleeping on beaches, spear fishing for subsistence, surfing for meditation, and getting to know people who have positioned their lives around the ocean.

As Christian neared the Cabo arrival, Beau ventured down the coast of Baja in a truck he bargained down to $1,200 (just three days before leaving San Francisco). His goal was to meet Christian and Chad upon their arrival in Cabo. On his way to Cabo he camped, surfed, fished, and experienced the culture of Baja’s seafood producers: their connection with the place, their deep knowledge, and their creative approach to solving truck problems.

Our journeys sparked plenty of interesting business concepts, but one stuck: a retail seafood business that brings the joy and roots of the ocean to our local San Francisco community.

To further explore what our business concept could become (before we had a name, and any formal business formed)  we returned down to Baja together and made a short video sharing our initial values.


Hook Fish Co History

Returning from the baja-inspiration trip, we started Hook Fish Co in 2014. Beginning in our backyards, we bought some local albacore, halibut, and salmon, filleted and mixed the fish into ceviche and poke, invited a bunch of friends over, and started gaining feedback and handing out food on a donation-basis. After about 5 of these events, we narrowed in on a name and began building a brand. For the next 3 years, we hustled around the CA coast selling and serving poke burritos, grilled fish tacos, and fillets of fish. We pulled from inspiring recipes, but really focused on the fish we were buying – how it was caught, who caught it, where it was coming from. We gained traction and established our name through popup and catering events partnering with other brands up and down the CA coast.

Hook Fish Co has gone through many plans for growth, we’ve decided to grow slowly and sustainably. Our goal is to build the business at a pace that allows us to stay attentive to details, and remain true to progressive sourcing practices and our core values.

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